My Favorite Internet Software Links !!!

If links on this page don't work, please notify me.

I will try to keep them up to date.  Thanks.

Description Active Link
This is a cardfile program where you can keep a separate card for each customer.  Has excellent search features.
AZZ Cardfile Program
POW program will block the pop-up adds on any web page.  See many free utilities programs at
POW Add Pop-up Blocking Program
This program will remove all the <<<<<'s from forwarded email, so it's easier to read.  Use it to forward clean email.
Email Stripper Program
Great!!  Music program to edit/change key and tempo of Midi Music files!  Costs only $29.00
ICQ -- A free program. Lets you know if your friends are on-line.
Skype -- A free program. Lets you talk and video chat with your friends are on-line.

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