In 6 Generations

Mads Hansen Vick

Has 187 Decendants

If you count spouses too, there are 270.

Mads was born on the 2nd of October in 1844 in Moen Taustrup, Vengesgaard, Denmark. He had at least two brothers. Hans Peter Vick was born in Denmark in January of 1842 and died in Richland County, North Dakota. Christian Vick, who according to family legend, joined the military and wasn't heard from again. All three brothers lived in Minnesota at one time before Hans Peter moved to Richland County, North Dakota to homestead.

The first record I have of Mads in America is in Willmar Minnesota on the 1st of December in 1875 when Mads and Karen M. Tollefson applied for a marriage license. On the 3rd of December in 1875, Mads and Karen were married in Willmar, Minnesota by a minister of the gospel with Ole Tollefson and Christen Arntson (Arntson - a neighbor of Karen's father Ole Tollefson) as witnesses.

On the 5th of October in 1876, Mads and Karen had a baby girl whom they named Elise Marie. She was born in Whitefield Township, Kandiyohi County, near Willmar, Minnesota. Elsie died of diphtheria in Whitefield Township on either the 2nd of May in 1879 according to the Family Bible or on the 17th of May in 1879 according to the death certificate filed in Willmar, Minnesota. She was 2 years and 6 months old.

Mads and Karen's next child, Martha Caroline, was born on the 7th of March 1878 in Whitefield Township.

On the 18th of August in 1879, Christian F. Vick (Also known as Fred) was born to Mads and Karen in Willmar Township, near Willmar, Minnesota.

On the 11th of October in 1879, Mads filed a homestead application and paid $40.38. $18 went for the filing fee and a $22.38 payment was made on the S. W. quarter, Lots 5,6 and 7, Section 30, Township 118, Range 36 containing 168.95 acres in Edwards Township, Kandiyohi County near Willmar, Minnesota. He resided continuously on the land from the 25th of May in 1880. On the 27th of November 1885, Mads paid the land office at Benson, Minnesota $8.00 for the balance on the land. In 1886, the Mads homestead proceedings were approved and patented. Some interesting facts on the homestead were his P. O. address was Croyden, Minnesota and the house was a 1 story frame dwelling and the dimensions were 14 Ft. x 16 Ft., with 3 windows and 1 door. There was a lumber stable with a straw roof, a lumber granary and 1 cow (broken). The homestead land also included Vick Lake.

According to his homestead papers of the 23rd of October, 1879, Mads states, "I an head of a family and have declared my intention to become a citizen of the U. S." On the 23rd of June 1885 Mads applied for citizenship in the District Court of Kandiyohi County, in Willmar, Minnesota with Hans P Rice and Ole P. Rice as witnesses. From the 1880 census Ole P. Rice was a merchant in Willmar and he was born in Denmark. Mads became a citizen on the 19th day of November 1885 at the District Court in Willmar, Minnesota.

All the rest of the children of Mads and Karen Vick were born in the Edwards Township. Ole Adolph was born on the 13th of August 1881. He was confirmed on the 4th of October 1896 at the Hardanger Church in Whitefield Township. Emma Elise Vick was born on the 22nd of June 1883. She died on brain fever on the 19th of June 1890 in Edwards Township. Louisa Theodora Vick was born on the 24th of March 1885. She was confirmed at the Hardanger Church on the 1st of October 1900. On the 7th of January 1887 Amanda Charlotte was born. She was also confirmed on the 1st of October 1900. Ingebret Bernherd (Bernard) was born on the 19th of December 1889 and George Arthur was born on the 21st of January 1891. Richard Ferdinand was born on the 16th of April 1892. In the newspaper the Willmar Argus on the 21st of April 1892, it states "Mr. and Mrs. Vick were presented with a bouncing boy last Saturday." Richard Ferdinand Vick was baptized on the 12th of June 1892 at the St. John's Lutheran Church in St. John's Township, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. The sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen Knudson, Anders Rasmusen and Mary Rasmusen. Edgar was born on the 22nd of January 1894 and Ernest Raynold was born on the 23rd of July 1897 and was baptized at the Hardanger Church on the 12th of September 1897.

The Vick children attended school in district No. 49 at the Raymond School in the year 1892. Martha, Ole and Fred attended with Miss Elva Russel as their teacher. In the next several years Amanda, Bernard and Louisa also went to the school. The enrollment year ending on the 31st of July 1904 shows Amanda in the 9th grade, Bernard and Arthur in the 6th grade, Richard in the 5th grade and Edgar in the 4th grade.

Mads served as Assessor in the town of Edwards in 1889 for 4 years and in 1894 for 3 years. He also served as a justice in the town. He was a director for the Raymond Cemetery in June 1899 according to the Willmar Argus newspaper.

The Willmar Argus reports on the 11th of May 1899 in the column headed Holland Township, "M, H, Vick is very low with consumption." ) Old term for T. B.) In the Raymond section of the Willmar Argus on the 29th of June 1899 it says, "M. Vick, one of the oldest settlers in the town of Edwards, died last Saturday night after a long illness. The remains were interred in the Norwegian Cemetery in the town of Whitefield, Tuesday. Several relatives of the late Mr. Vick came up from Minneapolis to attend the funeral Tuesday." Mads died on the 24th of June 1899 and was buried on the 27th of June 1899. His death is al on the records of the Hardanger Church where he was buried. The county of Kandiyohi at Willmar, Minnesota has no record of his death, but back then record keeping was not that good.

This data was provided by Nancy Egeland.

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