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Comments 11/09/16

One last chance to fix America

Well, election day November 8, 2016 was an inspiring and uplifting day.  I believe God has given us one last chance to correct the pathway we walk in this nation and to get back to the straight and narrow path as Christ taught.

I don't believe Trump is a man of God even though he claims to be a Christian but God has given the nation a chance to choose the correct path to walk.  If Trump is allowed to appoint justices to the supreme court and he chooses conservative and constitutional judges, then we can expect abortion to be eliminated and government programs like Obama Care to be eliminated.  If Trump gets to appoint more than one Justice to the Supreme Court, then changes could happen rapidly.

He promised to solve the illegal immigrants' problems but doubt that he can do that.  Building a wall won't work.  We've already got a wall most of the way but we will never solve the problem until we stop people from entering the US without proper paperwork and returning people when those that have paperwork stay beyond the date that it expires.

We have the technology to build a technical electronic security wall but as long as we allow millions of 18 wheelers to come into the US each day and also allow millions of US citizens to cross into Mexico to buy cheap medications and get cheap dental work, then we can't stop those trying to sneak into this country.  Secondly many of the illegals and much of the illegal drugs enter the US through Florida.  Should we build a wall around Florida too?  Of course not!

Once the border is finally closed, then we can address all the illegals already in the US.  We cannot ship 11 million illegals back to Mexico or where they came from, but what we should do is return every illegal with a criminal record.  Then we need to require all illegals to register and begin the paperwork process to get a visa or citizenship.  Those that refuse to register should be gathered up and placed in detention camps where assistance would be provided to complete the paperwork process and once the paperwork is completed and approved, then they could be return to the civilian population.

All immigrations to the US should be stopped until we have reworked the immigration system and have it fixed.  We especially don't want Muslims entering the US who believe in Sharia law above the authority of the US constitution.  We want people to come to the US who want to become Americans and not those who want to come in and change our way of life and standard of living.

Congress should immediately declare war on terrorist organizations such as ISIS or nations that practice and support terrorism and we should go all out to eradicate these organizations from the earth.  We should also stop all radio stations and newspaper or Internet companies who broadcast ISIS doctrines and theology from operating.  They should be shut down or blown up the next day. Any terrorist organization who randomly kill innocent peoples should be acted upon and removed from our world society.

Congress should immediately pass and enforce a balanced budget bill and the US should never spend another year or even one month spending more money than we have coming in!!!! We need to control all the special and secret funds that the government always seems to have available.

Canceling Obama Care should be a high priority but the new replacement program should be entered into with care and patience.  I have deep concerns about the government ever being able to manage any program efficiently and practically.  They have never been able to show common sense efficiency in the past on anything.  We can't even fight a war without letting the media and politicians interfere and tell the government when to start the war, how to fight it and when to stop.

The corrupt evil liberal media may be our nations biggest problem and I don't think there is an answer to that problem.  Our media doesn't report news, it makes news and then lectures and brainwashes people into believing that the media knows what they are talking about.  Handling the media will be Trumps biggest problem and opponent in trying to change policies in our nation.

One of the worst evils we have in this country is our colleges and the liberal teaching that is taught there.  It's a simply know fact that any community that is the home of a college in the US always ends up being a liberal thinking and political community.  Liberal thinking and philosophies are spread into the surrounding community and taught to our young people and these centers grow like a cancer throughout our nation.

All these changes and problems may seem important to us as Christians but we should remember that Christ lived in a much worse political condition and He never once voiced concerns about the politics or demonstrated or campaigned for change.  Spiritual living and teaching was far more important to the welfare of the people.

I believe God is now giving us probably one last chance to change the pathway that our nation walks in.  Will we take this opportunity to correct the sins and errors of our nation by changing our own lives and learning God's plan for our lives?  It's up to us an individuals whether we change our own lives or just follow the crowd.

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